The “Witrans” was established in 1992. Throughout this period, we have gained broad experience in domestic and international transport. We offer comprehensive transport and forwarding services. Our transport services are provided in all countries of Europe while our qualified team ensures proper quality of services. We follow the principles of fairness, reliability and conscientiousness exhibited towards every customer. We offer a vehicle fleet to provide services to our customers which is regularly adjusted to your needs and the demands of the developing transport market, while all our cars meet the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards. We are prepared to reach any place in Europe.

We hold all the necessary licenses permitting to provide transport services, domestic and international forwarding services as well as the applicable veterinary permit for transport of articles in Category 3. The commodities are insured during transport (carrier’s and forwarder’s liability insurance coverage). Transport within particular European centuries is additionally covered by cabotage road transport insurance. In order to properly care for your goods, we have equipped all our vehicles with GPS monitoring systems which allow us to control the transport process on an on-going basis.

Companies wishing to cooperate with us are invited to contact us.